It’s so hard to believe an entire year has gone by since we first laid eyes on Ubisoft’s open world surveilance-obsessed Watch_Dogs game. At one point we were unsure for which system or OS this new gem might pair up with. Now we know it will play nice with them all. Watch_Dogs is heading to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii-U this Fall 2013. That’s a meaty list of deployment platforms.

But Ubi has gone even further. Where they merely dabbled with game-and-tablet integration with Ghost Recon, in Watch_Dogs and the recently unveiled The Division, the company has embraced the tablet with renewed fervor. Each game is said to ship with baked-in functionality to support variety of different gameplay mechanics tuned specifically for tablet use. Which tablets and what OS is unknown.

In The Division, one use scenario is to control an aerial drone that can buff teammates, de-buff enemies, tag enemies so they are visible through solid structures and walls, heal buddies and hopefully more offensive capabilities. There’s undoubtedly more that can be done but that’s the investigative analysis we picked up from the Game Trailers field report.

Watch_Dogs will give tablets users access to the “Grid”–the game’s network web which is the nexus of information on characters, networks and the entire city of Chicago’s flow of civic data. With a tablet you can challenge other players, warn them of incoming danger or assist players as they move through the game world of Chicago. We’re told there are quite a few ways this can happen. But the few that have been shown center on user-activated griefing like initiating traffic stops/barriers, changing traffic lights on the fly and the like.

It will be interesting to see just how far developer can take this new love for tablet integration. Regardless it’s taking off with even DICE getting in on the game with Battlefield 4. We reported on the return of celebrated Commander Mode, which can be operated remotely via a touch-enabled tablet.

Shawn Sanders

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