Vivo Mouse

In 2009 Apple introduced the Magic Mouse, an input device that would seem to draw inspiration from the iPhone, and blends the speeds of a laptop trackpad with the traditional control of a desktop mouse.  Asus, in what appears to be an attempt to follow suit, today introduced the VivoMouse.

The VivoMouse was announced alongside a number of new Asus Windows machines, and will play complement to the gesture controls offered in the latest operating system from Microsoft.  These include pinch-to-zoom and twist-to-rotate.  Also supported is the Windows 8 swipe in from the edges move, which should bring up the app sidebar and charm bars.

While the VivoMouse will operate like a traditional mouse, it can also be picked up and used mid-air thanks to the trackpad, allowing users to still control the mouse cursor and scroll up and down the page.  Moreover, the VivoMouse offers a unique, ergonomic shape that should translate to not only comfort, but should enable one-handed use when it’s not placed on a hard surface.

At today’s Asus event, the company touted the VivoMouse with their small desktop PC, the VivoPC, which is targeted for living rooms and offices.  That said, Asus hasn’t said if the VivoMouse will ship with the VivoPC or how much it will cost.  They did however say that it will ship sometime in Q3 of this year.


Christen Costa

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