7 Ways the Xbox One Goes Beyond Games and the PS4

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Xbox Vs PS4
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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

24 Comments to 7 Ways the Xbox One Goes Beyond Games and the PS4

  1. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend
    who has been conducting a little homework on this.
    And he actually ordered me lunch because I found
    it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this topic here on your web site.

  2. mm those Xbox avatars are just a big copy of Nintendo Wii. The big advantage for me of the ps3 over the xbox 360 are the exclusives. Check out some of the PS3 exclusives to see how powerful the console is. Have you played The Last of US? Uncharted 3? God of War: Ascension?

  3. worst “article” ever. M$oft shot dug a hole with the One that they will not be able to climb out of.

  4. Gamer guy

    Almost everything you said was apart of the kinetc…which means without it the xbox1 console can’t even compare to the ps4 console. If anything ps4 will be superior in 4K gaming because the hardware is superior, but people don’t have 4k tv’s yet so sony isn’t advertising it yet. Cloud computing isn’t anything new. It’s been around for a while, and microsoft isn’t the first to come up with it…and trust me cloud computing has its limitations and no miracles will come from it so get your head out the clouds. Microsoft should use that kinetc technology slap it on a robot and use it to help medical establishments perform surgerys. It’s to advanced for it’s time and alot of that stuff is unecessary. Microsoft should make a decents GAME console and make a separate system which furthers on the kinetc and call it something else cause not everybody wants the kinetc.

  5. Marvin Deonte' McClain

    You are a freaking idiot if you think the ps4 or xbox one will support 4k games. They will hardly be able to run most games at 1080p and 60fps. Even some of the godliest gaming pcs struggle with 4k resolutions. I hate people who write crap articles like this online spreading false information. The only type of games that may support 4k on ps4 or xbox one are indies or other less graphically intense games such as…angry birds…etc. but yeah. Ps4 day one for me!

  6. Wait, PS4 can do the whole 4K video, and ‘in theory’ the Xbox One could do 4k gaming, if so why cant the PS4, It has much better power to handle graphics… so ‘in theory’ the PS4 is in a much better situation to play 4k games and as for everything else on that list (apart from kinect) theres nothing that cant be done with a low end smartphone right now.

    and lets be honest… who the hell wants Kinect?

  7. Wow, a bonafide MS sponsored article. Dirty tricks. I think things like this will only turn gamers off, at least the ones who are post-pubescent. Clearly, this article is biased, whether or not what it mentions is “technically” true (though I’m not saying it is). Just look at the section about 4K for a single instance, and the way that the author frames it. If it isn’t obvious to you that the author has a crystal clear bias for MS, then it truly won’t even matter if you choose to go with Nintendo. The way I see it, if MS needs to do these kinds of things instead of being honest and straight-shooting, then there is something else going on here beneath the marketing lingo as this is a serious red flag. Just to set the record straight about the cloud computing aspect, since it appears as if MS marketing is doing a few loopty-loops with the truth. Your console is still responsible for rendering the graphics and the majority of the playable data processing -and always will be (for the foreseeable future). Any raw processing done by MS servers won’t affect the rendering done by your console for any blockbuster titles. This is no different than what Sony is going to do and its no different than what consoles are already doing for online games. Of course, the software is all proprietary for MS and so there is no way of knowing what data will be processed on the backend, but that doesn’t change the fact that your console will still have to render the vast majority of the data on your end. Things like cut scenes can be rendered on the backend or even online worlds, but that is no different than what games do today and its no different that what PS4 will do. Microsoft marketing department is mincing words to distract potential consumers from the fact that the PS4 will be faster, arguably easier to leverage the potential power for developers and all for a lower price. As far as processing power or data processing speed, there are no advantages to the XBox ONE over the PS4 -though there are advantages to the PS4 over the XBox ONE. However, this means little since most games will be written for the weakest link in the chain. Now, I’m not arguing for anyone console over the other, but rather I’m just setting the record straight. Personally, I’m not going to buy the XBox ONE so long as the Kinnect is mandatory, especially considering that MS was was just outed as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, partner in the NSA spying scandal. I just cannot trust MS enough to put a highly sensitive, full HD infrared camera in my home (and sensitive mic too). Sure, MS says you can turn the camera off in the settings, but that doesn’t mean that the camera will be off. It only means that you won’t have access to its functionality when it is turned off in the settings. A few lines of code from the backend -on MS servers that your XBox will be connected to- can turn the Kinnect into an always on mic and camera without you even knowing it. Judging by Microsoft’s involvement in the NSA spying scheme, it is only logical to assume that the NSA will have access to those servers -and ultimately a high-definition window into your home. Having the government be able to see my blood-pressure and heart rate just doesn’t seem all that appealing. They will, in effect, be able to read emotions and see what excites you or what you like and don’t like. You may very well be put on a no-fly list due to your emotional response to GTA V or any other game. Of course, this is taking it a little far, but it very well can become the new reality. Would you pay to have the government install full HD infrared cameras in your home? Most people wouldn’t, yet once exposed to MS marketing and properly distracted, many people very well may do just that. Just a word of caution, be careful what you say at all times -even in your home- and make sure you completely unplug your XBox ONE and place it outside before hiding anything in your sock drawer.

    • Joshua Lawson

      Get rid of your cell phone, laptop, and stay indoors at all times. The kinect is the last thing you need to worry about getting spied on with. Plus you planning on breaking down kilos in front of it or something? Bottom line is Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Apple, and any other business that involves communications are going to work with the government if demanded. You think Sony is going to say f*ck a court order to protect your privacy? Lmao wise up because you sound kinda naive.


    So sad…This reminds me of how the Apple fan boys were posting damage controk articles to protect the iphone when Samsung began its accession to the throne. PS4 will come out victorious in this round. LOL.

  9. And don’t forget folks the Xbox one contains billions of transistors so I’m sure
    that must mean its powerful too… right?
    (Man that was just insulting. They must think we’re all morons)

  10. if I were to purchase a device for professional applications such as communicating with satellite offices, producing presentations, or checking for medical anomalies (for Christ’s sake!) I WOULD NOT do it with a GAME CONSOLE! lmao… so unless you are a mad doctor, or a very unprofessional business man or woman, my advice would be to go with the quote “undoubtedly more powerful gaming system”. -Another Disgruntled Xbox fan

    -Another Disgruntled Xbox fan

  11. PS4 can integrate gestures and voice commands, the “snap” feature has been on Windows since Windows 7, cloud has already been used by Sony for the PS3, and Skype is actually rather useless on the X1 because people will already have their laptops for this. PS4 will also be able to support 4K because it uses the same chip from AMD.
    This article is pretty useless and most likely written by a fanboy of Xbox.

    • Really and how exactly could ps4 integrate gestures and voice? They are bad at coding afterall. Look at your last ps3 update it bricked 1/4 consoles. Sony has been renting some cloud computing but nothing compared to 10-15 billion dollars of 300k servers. Why would I need to pull out a laptop when its easier to say xbox skype …. Persons name ;-) damn ps4 sucks it has nothing new to offer and calls itself next generation. Well i gues its gonna be another 10 years of catching up and copying. Friends list, cool looking dashboard, achievements, avatars, etc. ohh and by the way have you noticed how all of your exclusive games resembles some xbox exclusive and thats funny ;-)

      • Nunya Beez

        That coding bricked consoles with third party hard drives. PS3 has avatars and there’s a virtual mall where you can buy stuff (not sure if xbox has this, just pointing out ps has Avatars). Also, why did microsoft change the dashboard ALL THE TIME? On ps3, we can install an awesome theme to use (if you actually cared that much to do so). Also there are no exclusives on ps that even resemble any xbox exclusive and vice versa. Finally, are you that lazy where you won’t turn on your laptop to make a god damn skype call?

      • Completely true. I just cant understand why Sony fanboys are so much jealous of the Xbox and of Microsoft and keep hating it. Mainly because the Xbox and the Xbox 360 were better capable machines than the PS2 and PS3. Sony doesn’t offer anything new for their new console except for better hardware than its previous consoles. And everything else it does, it copies from Micrososft. That really shows how cheap Sony is. Always the Xbox is one step ahead of the Playstation and this new generation will prove the same. Till now the Xbox One has more features than the PS4 in terms of software and operating system and for sure they have a better online gaming system and infrastructure which is years ahead of the Playstation 4. And as for the hardware in which Sony fanboys have been bragging about that’s it better, all the Xbox One exclusive games in E3 looked visually and technically better than PS4 exclusive games. As for the price, Sony cut their price the last minute by removing their Eye Camera (which is no doubt inferior to the Kinect 2.0) after Microsoft revealed the Xbox One price with the kinect included.This is the same case with the Xbox360/PS3 all over again where Sony said that PS3 is way too powerful than the Xbox 360 and the result was every single multiplatform game on the 360 looked better than the PS3. Even exclusive titles. Sony are always good in throwing numbers and telling fantasies to people with no proof of course, and everyone in the end will see which is the more capable machine (which of course will be the Xbox One all over again).

        • How cheap Sony is? You should give many thanks to Sony that will you have a Blu ray player and a 4k resolution (Sony are a company that invent technology, and what has Microsoft invented lol? Right, nothing!) on your Xbox One. Those games from Xbox one at E3 were not run on the Xbox One, but on a PC with Windows 7, people found out when one of the PC’s crashed and revealed Windows 7 running those games. Go on Facebook fan pages of both consoles, there are about 200,000 fans for PS4 and only about 50,000 for Xbox One. All over the world the percentages for console preference are in average 70% for PS4 and 30% for Xbox One, all due to those lies from Microsoft and that DRM thing they had at the beginning, good for them that they changed it.

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