Waze Map App Lets You Share Your Drive

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Waze Drive Share

Waze Drive Share

There are more than a myriad of turn-by-turn apps available for both iOS and Android.  Google Maps probably makes the top of the list for many smartphone users, as their mapping accuracy and speed of service is largely unprecedented.  However, what Google Maps lacks is the ability to share your drive with friends.  Enter Waze.

Waze has long existed on both of the aforementioned platforms, so it’s nothing new.   But today I had a friend meeting me, and instead of him keeping me posted on his location from Hollywood to Santa Monica, he was able to share his drive with me without the cumbersome verifications that are required of Apple Find My Friend of Google Latitude.

You’ll need to have a destination entered in your phone, with presumably turn-by-turn directions enabled.  From there it’s as simple as hitting a few buttons, where upon you can post a bit.ly link to your Facebook (public viewing so to speak), email a friend, or in my experience receive a bit.ly link via SMS.  Clicking on it will open a webpage that displays a map.  Time to arrive is calculated presumably using traffic info (Waze aggregates this info across the users running the app) as well as your speed of travel.

This sure beats texting while driving, which is unsafe and illegal in many states, if not all states now.  Waze is a free app that offers turn-by-turn directions and a whole mess of features you should check out.

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  1. Gabriel N

    Like Waze a lot, using it for at least 3 yrs now to avoid traffic with about 95% accuracy at least!

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