Under Armour Speedform

Under Armour’s senior creative director of footwear, Dave Dombrow, says the company is “changing the way that footwear is being manufactured and will be releasing a shoe unlike we’ve ever seen with their SpeedForm that’s supposed to act like a bra for your feet. The new model (that’s supposed to drop in June for $120) is a new type of running shoe that has no seams and is actually made in a bra factory in China. The shoe’s heel cup lacks any stitching whatsoever and is created from just one piece of material.

According to Dombrow, inspiration for the new shoe came from the bra maker Playtex since they had intimate knowledge of the body and know how to make things fit snuggly. Their goal was to create a shoe that had a better fit to allow runners to go faster while being extremely comfortable at the same time. At a glance, the SpeedForm doesn’t look any different than running shoes on the market, but once you look inside to the heel cup, you’ll know it’s different. But once you put it on, you’ll really note the difference because it’s said to fit like a very comfortable sock rather than any shoe. There’s also no gap between your ankle and the how, making it look as if its your second skin. The shoe was in the works for three years and is geared toward an efficient runner. Since they’re build for linear motion, they’re not the shoes for you if you’re looking for a trainer sneaker. Apparently, those will come soon.


Kristie Bertucci

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