A billboard that can converts thin air into water certainly stands at the top of most awesome and altruistic advertisements that I’ve ever laid eyes on.  And although all marketing efforts can’t be for the better of society, there are still a few that stand out simply based on their unique and innovative approach to reaching a consumer base.

Case in point, the Beercade Arcade Machine that spewed out cold suds when you defeated your foe.  And now I can add this Domino’s Pizza campaign that recently wrapped in Brazil.

Dominos partnered up with 10 video rental stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and swapped a select number of traditional DVD discs with a specially treated one.  The treatment is called thermal ink, and resembles that of a bootlegged DVD – an all black face that just barely shows the title of the disc.  When heat is applied to the DVD, which in this case is the result of being played inside of a DVD player, a chemical reaction occurs emitting the smell of pizza.  Moreover, once the disc is ejected the once black face has been removed to reveal what truly lay beneath, which in this case was an image of a pizza.

Keep in mind that this campaign was performed in Brazil, where Netflix and other streaming services haven’t become very common place.

Dominos DVD Pizza

Christen Costa

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