Sunrocket Thermos-1

When the apocalypse arrives you best be prepared.  A stash of food – cans and freeze dried ideally – are a good place to start, but are only half of the answer.  The other half?  The Sunrocket.

Okay, so it’s not exactly a life saver, but when you’re hiking in the wilderness and far from a location where a fire is ideal for boiling water, the Sunrocket will be worth its weight in gold.  This handy thermos can boil water in just 30-minutes using the sun’s rays and the sun’s rays alone.

To use it, you simply add water, open the aluminized reflective panels, and in sunny, or even hazy weather it will heat water to a scolding temperature in just 30-minutes time.  Moreover, once the 17oz of water are hot, the Sunrocket will continue to keep it hot for hours to come.

Other features include a pressure release valve, screw lid, weather and scratch resistant casing, dual action stand and carry handle,  a Vycor thermal shock resistant evacuated glass tube, and a sturdy base.

Pair the Sunrocket with the Handpresso, and you’ve got a match made in Java heaven.

You can buy one for $60 from Amazon.

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Christen Costa

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