Sonte Film

Get the privacy you want for your home whenever you want it by adding SONTE Film to your windows. It’s based on smart film technology, which allows the color of the film to go from being non-transparent to transparent when you apply a current through it, so that you can get the privacy you demand by adjusting the amount of light that travels through it. And the great thing about using this film is that it doesn’t require you to replace your windows or glass partition since the film can be retrofitted onto any glass surface in your home.


It’s simple to use and operate since it’s Wi-Fi-enabled and there’s also an iOS/Android app that can be downloaded for free and allows you to control the SONTE Film from anywhere in your home at the touch of a simple button. To install it, simply peel the one side that features a self-adhesive cling layer that can be cut to any size and stick it where you want it. You can use it anywhere including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, office and more. But not only is it great for privacy, but it also cuts out any UV rays to keep the temperature in the room that houses the film lower, thus saving  you energy in return. Also, when the SONTE Film is in the non-transparent state, it can double as a projector screen which will be handy in your home or office.

Sonte-2 Sonte-3

Kristie Bertucci

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