Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker

Don’t you love it when you’re at a restaurant and you take that first sip of the ice cold beer you love with all the froth on top? Well now you can recreate that froth experience with the Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker. Bet you didn’t know that in Japan, a beer’s froth is an essential part of beer drinking! While some might dislike that extra froth on top of their beer, it actually does make your lager that much more thirst-quenching in hotter summer months!

To create that extra froth, the device uses ultrasonic oscillation to produce fine bubbles to give a refreshing top to your beer. The Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker  is part of their bestselling Beer Hour line, with the word hour a play on the Japanese word awa, which means “bubble,” and should be in every beer lover’s kitchen! The device also features light-up illumination functions to enhance any party atmosphere! It’ll make a great gift for any beer lover and only costs $80 at The Fancy.

Kristie Bertucci

Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.