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Spend a day on your bike cruising around town, slurping down some beers and texting friends, and you’ll likely end up with a dead smartphone by nightfall.  Unless of course you had the Siva Cycle Atom, a USB bicycle charger.

According to its creators, the Siva Cycle Atom installs in just minutes.  Just simply remove the back tire, attach the Atom onto the axle of the wheel, reattach it, and you’re good to go.  The speed at which you ride will influence how much power is generated and how fast your attached 5V USB gadgets recharge.  Onboard is a rechargeable 1,300mAh battery that can be detached, stored in a bag, and used at any given time.  And while 500mA output means that your iPhone will charge at half the speed of that of a wall plug, it does only weigh 300g and measure 7.5” tall, 3.0” wide, and 1.2” deep.

You’ll likely want to snake a USB cord to your handle bars, provided of course you use your smartphone while you bike.  As demonstrated by the product video, you could very well use the Atom to charge your lights, though I’d just as soon opt for the Magnetic Light I told you about last year, which was also a Kickstarter campaign.

That being said, the Atom was fully funded on May 23rd to the tune of $126,082, well exceeding the $85,000 goal.

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