Seagate 600 600 Pro SSD

Seagate has finally taken the plunge into speedy Solid State country. After waiting and lurking in the background for several years, the company kicks things into high gear with a small hit-squad of SSD options aimed at various and use scenarios.

The Seagate 600 is a 2.5-inch storage drive intended for consumer level laptops and is available in 5- and 7mm heights. Naturally it’s a SATA 6Gb/S interface drive. It’s available in 120gb, 240gb and 480gb capacities and uses the older Link A Media Device LM87800 controller. The Seagate 600 SSD boasts speeds hitting above 500mb/s in sequential read/write tests.

The Seagate 600 Pro in an enterprise level SSD that could easily fit the needs of performance-hungry enthusiast level consumers. It also uses the same LAMD controller found on the standard Seagate 600 SSD. It’s another SATA 6Gb/s interface drive but this one comes in a larger variety of capacity offerings (100gb, 120gb, 200gb, 240gb, 400gb and 480gb). Additionally, the Pro is aiming for the ceiling in performance. The white paper state read speeds as high as 520mb/s across all capacities. Could it beat out our favored OCZ Vector SSD? We’ll know soon enough when get a couple units in hand.

The Seagate 1200 SSD is the PCI-e monster and is aimed at enterprise server use.




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