Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. HTC One (comparison)

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Galaxy S4 vs HTC One
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32 Comments to Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. HTC One (comparison)

  1. jordanesque23

    if you want a laggy and plasticky phone, get the galaxy s4. if you appreciate industrial design and smooth performance, get the one. i find it easier to use my thumb than my neck in scrolling the screen area. and it takes more effort to move your whole hand than just your thumb. basically my point is you dont gs4’s gimmicky features

  2. Okay well im really confused about which phone to get ):. i really want the htc one but the s4 has really cool features like smart scroll and air gestures… things htc one does not have… ):

  3. I really appreciate this comparison because I am in the market for a new phone and these are the 2 phones I have been trying to compare. I am a samsung phone guy, I currently have a samsung note I and it is a nice phone, but I am tired of the size, its just too big and I’m tired of having to recharge my battery everyday by 1pm…. and all I use it for mainly is listening to tunein radio at work and my music player and GPS when I walk. I don’t do any social networking and don’t take a lot of pictures. My main question to seal the deal is the battery life between the two. I just want a phone that will last a day without needing a charge. Help!

    • Shawn Sanders

      The GS4 has the better battery life. But the level of usage you described is pretty low intensity and that’s where the batter on the One excels. But overall GS4 has the longer stamina in the batt-life.

  4. I just wanted to clear something up for you. The HTC ONE is running off Android 4.1.2, while the GS4 is running off Android 4.2.2. I’ve had the pleasure of owning them both with the end result having me return the HTC ONE. Like most people I liked it for the look, it’s extremely gorgeous and the boom sound was pretty good too, but the 4 ultra pixel camera SUCKS. And my GS4 sounds extremely good when hooked up to my Beats by Dre Beat Box Portable. Now that’s BOOM SOUND. But on a serious note I personally feel that the GS4 is far more superior than the HTC ONE. It just does so much more, the ONE just didn’t feel right to me. The only way for you all to decide which one you would prefer is to have them side by side operating them both for a couple days, and that’s really the only way you’ll get to see which one stands out and feel best to you.

    • Shawn Sanders

      You’re right–essentially. 4.2.2 is running on unlocked HTC One. But all carrier versions have yet to make the upgrade.

  5. randomphonegeek

    great review.

    i really liked how you compared the two based on usage speed and

    not just pure specs.

    touchwiz is greatly bloated which slows it down a lot. for example my galaxy s3 takes a second or two to open apps like contacts or phone and ive seen some of my friends having the same problem with their S4s

    if samsung could focus a little more on tuning the hardware and software in a way that

    they work in unison, they would definitely destroy anything in terms of speed.

    the only part of the review which seemed a little off was how you gave htc a point for operating system based on your preference. while i do agree it deserved a point, it should have been for it’s less bloated and snappier experience.

    also a sound test would’ve been nice too.

    i really hope htc does well this year because it really deserves the market share it used to have back in 2009.

    • Shawn Sanders

      Thanks, Randomphonegeek.
      Give the OS section above in the body of the piece a re-read. My decision isn’t base soley on preference. HTC One intro more useful features. But for consumers it will be about how they want use their phones. Each is using 4.2.2. Android Jelly Bean. Your choice in re-skin functionality will decide the day.

  6. trob6969

    The HTC one only gives an illusion of having an edge-to-edge display. it’s screen has a black border around it but these reviewers always seem to overlook that. And I don’t agree with the notion that the touchless operations on the s4 are gimmıcky: these features were obviously added for people like me who likes to enjoy video play back without constantly having to wipe off fingerprints from pausing then resuming play back

    • Shawn Sanders

      I wrote, “HTC has the display go edge-to-edge with the tiniest hint of housing/bezel at the edges.” Your caveat is mentioned. But that design choice is subjectively more appealing when married with the other impressive aesthetics and construction.

  7. I should prefer to HTC One, useful feature very nice design ! then , the camera do a good job in daylight or low light. Does the htc one have a same size like s4 in the hand ?

  8. Why doesn’t the HTC One get more flack for its sealed battery? Am I getting old-fashioned for believing I should be able to replace a lith-ion battery in 1-2 years when it starts underperforming (especially if it’s only just lasting long enough for my needs now)? I was really disappointed by both that and the lack of micro SD.

    • Shawn Sanders

      No please. Continue to demand as much. It was mentioned in our other ed. pieces on the One. The One should support MicroSD on the storage capacity side and feature a removable/upgrade-able battery. The latter–definitely–since batt-life struggles at moderate to heavy use.

    • Eirene Omaivboje

      I agree with you! I had the htc one s and it was frustrating that I couldn’t just take out the battery when it froze or acted up. I had to constantly go online to find how to reset the phone. It was a pain!

  9. maybe add a music/sound comparison ? The one is equipped with beats enhancement and stereo speaker on front. I was hoping to see a comparison between both phone on the sound hardware and the music app both is using.

  10. GS4orONE

    im really stuck between these two phones! please help!! I currently have a gs3 and i realised that most of the ‘innovations’ on this phone, i have never really used in real life situations so im just wondering whether to buy the gs4 or the one? the design of the one is just so much nicer but the software i think its limited compared to the s4? any thoughts?

    • You will not get anything new with s4 besides added features…go for something different…the one is obviously unique at this stage…

      • … Did you read what you just typed? “You won’t get anything new besides added features” Umm… Added features = New. @3bdb1c24be4073f1da590a2d0882b9f7:disqus, do a comparison of the two yourself. That’s what I spent my day doing, and I ended up going for the s4.

        • I may have miss written my thoughts but I have explained in a longer post above my feelings. I have bought the one for myselfso iI’m pleased with it obviously. This is a first ever in my house hold that both, I and my wife own the same model at the same time. We both love our Ones. I had a chance to use hers for 3 weeks prior to me jumping the wagon and getting one for myself. Enjoy your phone no matter which brand it is!

  11. indecisive

    i’m stuck between the two… i’m not much of a social media butterfly but i love my music.. please advice

    • Shawn Sanders

      Like John mentioned above… HTC One has Beats Audio tech noticeably enhancing the audio–adding more depth to the soundstage with surprising bass and clarity in mid and high ranges. The front facing speakers are a super smart choice and provide a more traditional listening experience with higher fidelity than almost any other handset. They also add to the phone’s aesthetic appeal.

      Succinctly put… Audio is far and away better on the One.

  12. I’m really debating on which phone to get. I’m leaning more towards the HTC One but I don’t know. Why does this have to be so hard!?

    • Shawn Sanders

      Well if you take a lot of pictures and read a heaps of news then HTC Zoe and BlinkFeed are amazing features IMHO. But even if you don’t do much news, BlinkFeed can be populated with all your social media feeds and favorite websites.

      Personally I prefer the One but I fully understand and see the benefits of the Samsung GS4. The keyboard on each supports trace typing where you can trace a line connecting the letters for each word in your intended message–only lifting between words. It’s wildly smart, fun and cuts off precious sec on typing.

      • What i like as you mentioned that htc one features although no where near the samsung s4 in terms of number, the one has feature additions have been very thoughful and far from being gimicky. Most people buying the one will be using zoe and blink feed. Im a news reader so i like the blink feed. Im not much into photography but i keep taking my wife’s one and taking photos of our children. Im planning to buy the one for myself in any case so i dont have to keep on borrowing my wifes phone. Its a fantastic phone. Te screen is beautiful, the sound is great and the features are very useful.
        Ofcourse the look of the phone trumps all the stuff on it. Samsung got blind sided by htc one big time…htc one has taken away huge sales projections from s4 i think and they still will. Samsung was so focussed on iphone that they never expected another droid oem to compete with them and beat them on many fronts especially in areas where they like to brag like the screen etc…i prefer htc one screen as it looks natural.
        Im just hoping htc has patented many aspects of their gorgeous phone as we all know how s5 will look. :)

        • On another note, to show how succesful the htc one has been, if you recall pre htc one, most comparisons were between samsung and iphones, since the one has been released, iphone is nowhere to be found and one has replaced it in the column of comparisons between top phones…even some recently released nice devices like bb z10 and perhaps lumias (although like many i detest the tiles ) htc one is getting all the plaudits in a competitive market so it shows how well the phone has gone with people..

  13. simpleas

    Talk about a biased review lol. The Gs4 trumps the one in everything. See folks, only online blogs commend the one. In the real world people know what the best phone is. The Galaxy S4

    • Shawn Sanders

      I’m doubting you read the full piece. It’s a tie. Plus it’s bee agreed by most…the HTC One is faster. BlinkFeed is preferential. Some love it. Some don’t. Samsung has the better camera and customizable reskin. HTC One has Zoe and Zoe Share and the BlinkFeed UI pervades much of the interface and yet can be disabled.

    • smack buoy

      I bet we’ll find you on every blog sight disagreeing with everybody.
      noted and forgottten

    • Raghav Grandhi

      Some of my friends who brought the S4 are saying to buy the HTC one, and one of them is having both the S4 and the HTC one. His overall working on both the mobiles for about a month and concluded we should buy HTC one. I also played with both the mobiles and finally brought an HTC one which i loved it immensely.

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