Samsung Galaxy S Mini

Both HTC and Samsung have been enjoying much due praise and adulation of late, over their newest mobile devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are among two of the most impressive smartphones on the market today. You can sink your virtual teeth into our HTC One review and comparison to the iPhone 5 as well as numerous features big and small. We’re traveling on the late train with our full Galaxy S4 hands-on coverage. But while we take our time, it looks like Samsung is joining several other companies in their push to please them all.

Rumors are circulating about a reduced priced, similarly spec’d HTC One hitting stores for the coin-conscious consumers. Now that same rumor mill is churning with similar suspicions regarding the Galaxy S4. Chinese social media site Weibo has what appears to be leaked pics of cheaper version of the flagship from Samsung. You will need an Weibo account to view the images. But we managed to snag a few for your perusal. Could this be the fabled Samsung Galaxy S Mini, we’ve heard whispers about since March?

Samsung Galaxy S Mini_4

Samsung Galaxy S Mini_3

Samsung Galaxy S Mini_2

Shawn Sanders

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