Drone Spying in seattle

Is this Peeping Tom 2.0? What would you do if you found a drone buzzing just a few feet from your 3rd story window? Note, the thing has been there possibly video recording your every move from its midair sanctuary. Would you… A) call the police? B) Seek out its owner? C) Try to ground the thing by throwing something at it? Well one Seattle, WA resident opted for a choice-B, in a fashion.

She went and told her husband who then set out to confront the remote pilot on the street below. But when the man controlling the remote drone was asked to fly his drone elsewhere, retorted by stating he was within his legal rights.
The Seattle local recounts the incident,

This afternoon, a stranger set an aerial drone into flight over my yard and beside my house near Miller Playfield. I initially mistook its noisy buzzing for a weed-whacker on this warm spring day. After several minutes, I looked out my third-story window to see a drone hovering a few feet away. My husband went to talk to the man on the sidewalk outside our home who was operating the drone with a remote control, to ask him to not fly his drone near our home. The man insisted that it is legal for him to fly an aerial drone over our yard and adjacent to our windows. He noted that the drone has a camera, which transmits images he viewed through a set of glasses. He purported to be doing “research”. We are extremely concerned, as he could very easily be a criminal who plans to break into our house or a peeping-tom.

Undoubtedly, the laws around airspace and drone use will be analyzed for revision. But as the US and other countries continue to use the drone for strikes against our “enemies” any revision of such will have to be delicate and explicit.

Shawn Sanders

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