Daft Punk Costume

Daft Punk’s fame is bigger than ever right now, especially since they released their hot single “Get Lucky” from their latest album “Random Access Memories.” Now you can dress like dance music’s biggest duo with your own Daft Punk Thomas Helmet Costume that’s being sold on Etsy. After getting great compliments on a Halloween costume, the Etsy shop owner decided to start selling his unique outfit that comes with the helmet and more.

The helmet is made from urethane plastic and beautifully chromed, while the visor is made from Lexan and covered with tinting film. The seller says that this particular helmet can fit medium-sized heads. The gloves are also chromed and the  costume also includes a black balaclava in order to cover the neck and an LED message scroller that’s fully programable via USB. But it’s only programmable if you have a PC, so Mac users are out of luck. The LED message scroller is held on via a velcro strip and you can easily take it off if you want to wear it without the LEDs. There are currently five costumes available for purchase for $500.

daft punk

Kristie Bertucci

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