atari breakout

Google is known for its infamous Easter eggs that are found in many of its products and the latest gem found can be their most entertaining yet! So, if you head over to Google Image Search and type in a query for “Atari Breakout,” you’ll be transported to loads of gameplay that will have you addicted to your computer screen. That simple search will get you playing Atari Breakout for hours at a time. Could this be a way of celebrating the game’s 37th anniversary? It just might be, but really, who cares…you’re offered a chance to get your gaming on with this classic video game for free! But leave it to Google to always spice up anything with a little fun…thank you Google for the very cool surprise. If you’re not familiar with the old school Atari game, it requires players to demolish brick walls with a ball. It was created by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow and debuted back in 1976. It was actually based on the classic 1973 Pong game. It also had a couple of sequel game like Super Breakout that came out a few years later, in addition to other variations of the game in the following years.

Kristie Bertucci

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