New Samsung S4 Apologizes for its “Elephant Man” Appearance

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35 Comments to New Samsung S4 Apologizes for its “Elephant Man” Appearance

  1. HTC Stooge? :P People who are won over by the empty hype about aluminium [soft, easily scratched and dent) body will go for HTC (of course not all who buy HTC will buy it because of such frivolous hype) while those who are keen on the features offered by samsung will get S4. Simple as that, even though such simple logic may be beyond you.

  2. Amro Hasan

    I really had hard time figuring out what is going on from this article. Until now I am not sure if Samsung did apologize or not. This is not the way to do an article!

  3. Mike Phelps

    I have to disagree I bought the htc one last week and already exchanged it for the S4. The One is too heavy, uncomfortable in the hand, and the bluetooth is horrendous. The S4 feels great in the hand and is thin and light. Im not giving all of that up for boomsound and a slightly higher ppi. Plus, touchwiz is miles ahead of Sense. Oh, then there’s the imbedded battery and no sd slot.

  4. Francisco de la Vera

    Terrible way to express your views on the phone, it seems you need to learn the difference between a review, a report and a joke/prank. This article might even raise security concerns for those who don’t realize you are just criticizing and mock-quoting without clarifying you are “joking”.
    You have successfully made this site into my block list from all my news feeds apps.

  5. Chad Hagner

    Held a HTC one and iphone5 and my hand didn’t spasm in orgasm from its mind blowing aluminum casing. If the only thing ppl can complain about Samsungs phone line is the plastic casing then Samsung is doing something very right.

  6. pandawakesken

    Great work ken..proud day with the gadgets…the one is pretty, but much like a date yiu want to take home after you have rubbed her to your content…

  7. Why would you call this a review? It only irritates the reader when we find ourselves thinking “wtf?” You must be an iPhone fanboy that feels the need to keep creating a virtual reality where the iPhone is the best thing since the Samsung Galaxy S III… It’s just NOT happening!
    Useless read.. Please delete this and post it on Macworld or something.

  8. Robert van Weersch

    O, is this supposed to be funny? I got the impression that the writer had eaten something foul…

    Not a Samsung (or Galaxy fan) myself, but this is a totally useless rant. You can’t argue about aesthetics. Shame on you.

  9. Enigmatik60

    Proud owner of an S4 but I read this for what it is. A fun piece that points out the ONLY flaw in the phone. It’s big, a little flimsy feeling & looks like its father. But hey, for what it can do I’ll happily live with that!

  10. The author is a complete moron and has no taste. I am using my S4 right now as I eat dinner in a great spot in LA. I have tried all the phones out there and with the new Samsung S cover it is the hottest thing out there. The performance is amazing.

  11. Disgusted

    This article is garbage.. not only will i never read another word from this uninteligent unfunny loser i will never read another article from this web site. Way to work for your oay buddy

  12. crap article

    You are ruining the internet you peice of garbage id say get a life but i would prefer if you took your own.
    The sad thing is you are a father and are raising idiot children to take on after you. Ihope they get to read these comments one day so they know what a joke u are!

    • Bernkastel-Kues

      That was exactly my thought. It wasn’t terrible like some people here seem to think it was, the article was merely… Dafuq.

  13. Sam Frankelli

    This is mindless dribble! Is this a blog or tech article on the onion? I can’t tell

  14. Anne Nonymous

    You, sir, are the rectal opening of tech journalism and your blog is an embarrassing pile of crap. Go back to school or become a highly sarcastic comedian because this line of work isn’t going to gain you any praise from peers or your audiance.

  15. Mark Navarro

    Wtf is this article about? I don’t get it… The writer of this article get a big F!

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