Microsoft’s Xbox One: All The Worst Features

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Xbox One: Worst Features
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7 Comments to Microsoft’s Xbox One: All The Worst Features

  1. Melting Granite

    It was PS2 over Xbox, then it was Xbox 360 over PS3, and it looks like it DEFINITELY is going to be PS4 over Xbox One.

    How horrendous of Microsoft to put all these restrictions and money-grubbing tactics on the new Xbox. Looks like I am done buying anything for the Xbox 360 too now, based on their hatred of their customer base.

    • Meanwhile Nintendo chills over there away from this mess ignoring all the negativity from the press that had nothing else to write about.

  2. talk about Microsoft haters and Sony huggers… you are an embarrassment to reporting by twisting so many different things. pathetic… you are really so worked up not to check for typos and your inconsistencies in your reporting? Classic example of misinformation.

    • You may have noticed that, as the site’s games editor, I have yet to write a single article on any Sony-related topic. On the other hand, I’ve written four articles on the Xbox One since the event on Tuesday. All of the information provided in this article has been fact-checked on multiple gaming sites, and is 100% accurate.

      I’d appreciate if you could point out any areas where I’ve overlooked typos, presented “misinformation,” or twisted “so many different things.”

  3. Wow, way to strip away freedom MS.
    Sounds like the PS4 is more for me, and you too readers.

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