JVC Kenwood's Heads-Up Nav System

Having an in-car navi system makes life on the road a whole lot easier, but it is still very distracting. You have to look away from the road every time you want to change something on the system, which can be quite dangerous since it only takes a quick second to get into a car accident. You can easily get very distracted checking on the navi map that you accidentally end up hitting the person in front of you.

To help eliminate the problem of distraction, JVC Kenwood’s new MDV-737HUD nag system allows you to view it all via the see-through heads-up display that’s located right to your rearview mirror. But there’s still the traditional, highly detailed map that’s seen on the LCD display in the dashboard, but the smaller HUD one will help keep your eyes on the road. It actually uses the same LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology as a projector that provides users with easy-to-read directions and instructions. And the large dashboard unit can also be used to watch TV, play DVDs or act as a speakerphone for your handset. It’s pretty cool technology but it has a pretty steep price tag at $2,500.

Kenwood's Heads-Up Nav System

Kristie Bertucci

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