Kids Walker Cyclops Mech

Rich kids in Japan can bug their parents to dish out $20,000 for a fresh-from-the-factory, pint-sized, ride-able mech for them. These things are rolling out of mecha manufacturers in Japan by Sakakibara Machinery Works and those lucky enough with an extra $20K to spare can snatch one up. A while back, the factory created a bigger mecha that was made for adults to control and ride (called the Landwalker that has a cockpit that fits one person, and walks on two legs, as well as has two air cannons that can fire rubber balls), but now they’re focusing their creatives to churning out some for kids and calling it the Kids Walker Cyclops. It seats one and comes with a drill (not sure if it’s functional or not) and a claw to grab stuff. This is actually the second kid-sized mech since they came out with a bulkier version a while back.


Kristie Bertucci

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