Intel HD 5000

I love my Ivy Bridge processor. Chipset  z77 is light years better in performance and energy-efficiency than my tired and demanding x58 chipset. I leaped at the chance to upgrade–especially when I realized the clunky Marvell controller on my x58 motherboard was capping most solid state drive speeds at sub 275mb/s. A new motherboard platform  lead me to a new chipset and there’s not a better bang-for-buck solution than the 3770K Intel Ivy Bridge processor. It easy overclocks–from 3.5-4.7Ghz–like a monster and runs with more stability than previous generation chips. Yet I still hate its HD 4000 integrated graphics chip.

It’s on it’s way out the door. So no reason to get into “whys” of my detest. Intel’s upcoming Haswell CPU line will introduce a new family of onboard graphics, whihc should make playing modern games on next gen laptops much smoother. The new chip is name “Iris” and comes in two forms Intel’s new 4th generation i7-4000U series ultrabooks will wield the hopefully better graphics crunching HD 5100 while more burly gaming and media editing-friendly laptops and all-in-one computers will see the HD 5200 onboard graphics unit inside.

If marketing copy is to be believed, Intel boast 2x-3x the performance gains of previous onboard graphics in ultrabooks and all-in-one computing solutions. Yet that’s not. The should be better support for OpenXL, DirectX most recent api versions, OpenGL4.1, 4K display resolution and more.

Intel HD 5000_3

Shawn Sanders

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