Injustice: Gods Among Us Review: Nails In The Coffin

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review
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4 Comments to Injustice: Gods Among Us Review: Nails In The Coffin

  1. Sephiroth du Lac (realist)

    Who wrote this drivel? First off while Mortal Kombat was innovative in the 90’s it was hardly the only fighting game of it’s kind. Sure the realistic graphics and depictions of over the top violence set it apart but no more than Street Fighter, Killer Instinct or any other fighting game that came out back then. it was a trend setter plain and simple. Now the fighting game has been done and we’re just seeing it come back into mainstream. Bioshock infinite, a game that critics loved, got blasted out of the water in sales compared to Injustice. The fighting game is fun, it’s challenging and it pays service to what “the fans” want. By the way those “fans” are the ones who decide decent games from the kind that you play once and toss aside. And while I will give you that the story mode was lacking it was simply because that it tried to do too much. Having “ordinary” Justice League meet “Regime” justice League has been done to death in the comics and I’ll say it again… it doesn’t work here either. Instead what we got was a solid game that adds the feel of true superhero battles by allowing you to use scenery pieces as weapons something (I might add) that hasn’t been done to this fullest extent and adds a complicated addition to a repertoire. I admit, gone are the days of Killer Instinct and Primal Rage, heck even 3d fighters are suffering (As Soul Caliber V was a slap in the face that didn’t offer any arcade endings and an absolutely terrible story mode) but Mortal Kombat and Injustice are proof that when something is done right it is done with nostalgic style and class. Mortal Kombat has never gone away. there is a reason it still holds a chord with the fans and if Injustice is any indication of the future. It won’t be going anywhere soon.

    I’m Sephiroth du Lac, and that’s my reality.

  2. Dracosaber

    I’m gonna have to disagree about the story-mode, it was fun, the voice acting was amazing, and the experience was just all around great. Heck, the story was better than a lot of DC comics. And what does the game bring? A great DC fighter pitting DC characters against each other in a way that works. The formula works, and works well. It doesn’t need to change much, and that’s why it sells. It’s not like a CoD sequel, it’s a whole new roster of fighters using a MK formula. That’s more than enough of a good reason to get the game, IMO. lol

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