Grid 2

Promoting your newly minted video game usually involves buying a slew of ads on TV, online, in print and anywhere else you can get in front of the gaming obsessed.  But none might not be more effective than by being able to claim what is now the Guinness World Record for the “Most Expensive Video Game Commercially Available – Special Edition”.

Sure, it’s not a challenging feat as a studio can slap whatever price they want on the package and call it a day.  But if that were the case I likely wouldn’t be writing about it.  Grid 2 releases today, and with it comes a preorder of the game that costs £125,000 ($188,650).  It’s a sick and twisted amount of money for a video game…or is it?

Included in the preorder bundle is a PS3, the Grid 2 (it releases today) game, full driver race wear, and wait for it…a 170 m.p.h. BAC Mono supercar.  Yes, the car that you can drive in the game is part of the ridiculously high price tag.  You’ll also get to spend a day at the BAC factory, where upon you’ll customize your Mono Supercar to your size and specification.

BAC’s Mono Supercar is a road-legal, ultra high performance supercar that will rocket from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds.  That’s faster than a Porsche Turbo, yet it sports just a 2.3L 4-cylinder engine that produces a mere 280hp.  The secret to its almost ungodly speed?  The car is made from carbon fiber.  Well, at least parts of it are made from carbon fiber.

Grid 2-1

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