Google Play Music Unlimited Access

Google has officially launched an all you can eat music service called Google Play Music All Access.  They’re currently offering a 30-day trial, and if you sign up before June 30th the monthly cost is $7.99.  I assume that price is in perpetuity and if you sign up after the last day of June it will cost $9.99 going forward.

That is the same monthly cost as Spotify and other comparable music streaming services.  And to a large degree Google Play Music All Access should be an analogous experience to the aforementioned service, as you can download music to your handset, create radio stations based on an artist (and other factors), and stream tunes on your computer, Android handset, and any other connected compatible device.

What I did find particularly attractive, and might be enough to persuade Spotify users to switch, is the ability to sync your existing and owned library of music to the service, provided it’s available in the Google Play Music library.  Sure, this feature has long been available for free as part of their locker service (for free), but since it’s now intergrated into a bottomless music service, it makes it all the more useful.

From a catalog standpoint, it’s not clear how many songs are in Google’s library, but I’m willing to gander a guess that it’s north of 10 million simply because they’ve got 18 million songs in their existing music store.  That said, Google Play Music All Access is only available to US users, though other countries should roll out in due time as licensing is solidified.

Google Play Music All Access is available starting today.

Christen Costa

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