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Netflix has just released the first official Arrested Development trailer for the 4th season. For those of you on the slow bus, Netflix has recently acquired the sitcom of everyone’s favorite horribly and hilariously dysfunctional family, the Bluths. Come this May 26th Netflix will begin airing the fourth Season of Arrested Development in its entirety. Oh it’s going to be awesome! That’s right Netflix will be airing all 14 episodes of the new season starting this month. So if you’re like us, and make every attempt to digest an entire season in a single sitting, then this little bit or media mani will be right your alley.

Looks like a lot has changed for the Bluth family. Buster has lost a hand, Lindsay lost her hair, Tobias still can’t find the closet to come out of and George Michael has started college. Oh and Maeby is still around, which is good to see. I’m quite curious to see what happens between her and her “maybe” cousin George Michael who is hopelessly attracted to the freckle-faced relative with the questionable name.

Shawn Sanders

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