Ha! We almost missed this one. I’ve been busy diving into Metro Last Last, the gorgeous looking sequel to THQ’s highly impressive yet incredible bleak and atmospheric first-person shooter – Metro 2033. This is easily largest of the this week’s video game launches. Yet it’s far from the only must-see game to hit consoles and hard drives this week. Today, Borderlands 2 dropped the Psycho Bandit Pack DLC that adds a sixth playable character – Krieg the Psycho Bandit, and for only $10.

Krieg is another Berserker character in the vein of Salvador, already playable in BL2 and Brick from the original Borderlands. However Krieg is a different beast altogether. Remember he’s reformed bandit of sorts. So he can do many dastardly familiar offensive techniques that the game’s bandits do to you. His three skill trees are all about “high risk versus high reward”. Krieg has all sorts of new abilities. Example – “Light the Fuse” allows Krieg to wield dynamite and move normally during “Fight for Your Life” where other classes remain down until revived or until they can grab a kill an revive themselves. Krieg and manually detonate the dynamite for massive damage.

If you’re curious, take trip to the online BL2 skill tree calculator. You can deck out Krieg’s skill tree (or any character’s) and assign point according to your intended play style.

Borderlands 2 psycho bandit dlc

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