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Wow! Who would’ve guessed that the smart deadbolt space to get so competitive so quickly.  At the top of the list, at least in terms of overall awareness, is the Lockitron.  It’s the ultra simple smart deadbolt that requires pretty much no installation. Then came the Simplicikey, which is an experience more analogous to that of traditional deadbolts.  And most recently Kwikset’s Kevo, which takes the novel approach of effectively making your fingertip the key.

Entering the fray today is the August.  It’s probably most akin to that of Lockitron, though it lacks WiFi connection, as it works with what the company says is 90% of existing deadbolts.  However, unlike the Lockitron, this one requires that you remove a few screws.  That said, it looks like a solid piece of hardware thanks to its anodized aluminum build, which is anything like Lockitron’s plastic, candy colored finish.

As you’ve probably suspected it works very much like other smart deadbolts, allowing you to automatically unlock your front door as your approach, provided Bluetooth is powered up on your smartphone.  Virtual keys can be delivered by email, where upon the recipient will have to most likely download the company’s app.  The system is even capable of keeping a log of who entered and when, and can restrict access to certain hours of the day.  This latter feature could come in handy if your Mom has a tendency to drop by unannounced.

The August deadbolt is powered by two AA or AAA batteries (I can’t tell based on the pic and the site doesn’t say).  When they run low the app will notify you as will .  In the event that the batteries do die, your physical key will continue to work.

The August will be available sometime later this year.  You can preorder it now for $200.

August Doorlock

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