Strapped for cash?  You could get a job and work for it. Or you could opt for the freeloader approach and ask your parents for a “nonrefundable” loan.  The latter example is a bit how I feel about AT&T’s newest fee that has been tacked onto post paid contracts.

The fee, $0.61 a month, started on May 1st and amounts to $7.32 a year, a figure that hardly affords one a brewski at a bar.  For the most part this fee will go unnoticed by many consumers.  However, when you consider that AT&T has over 70 million post paid customers, they’re netting a quick $512,400,000 more a year from something they’re calling a “mobility administrative fee“.

It’s impossible for anyone to verify the validity of the fee, though AT&T says that it will “help cover certain expenses, such as interconnection and cell site rents and maintenance.”  I suppose it’s not worth making a big stink about, but I’m sure all AT&T customers wouldn’t mind seeing a tangible representation of this new fee, such as improved service, better customer service, or faster data speeds where they were once dismal.