Daily Archives: May 2, 2013

Waze Drive Share

Waze Map App Lets You Share Your Drive


There are more than a myriad of turn-by-turn apps available for both iOS and Android.  Google Maps probably makes the top of the list for many smartphone users, as their mapping accuracy and speed of service is largely unprecedented.  However, what Google Maps lacks is the ability to share your...


Apple Issues iOS Update, 6.1.4


Apple just issued an update for the iPhone, iOS 6.1.4.  Don’t get too excited though, or really excited at all.  The update is tiny.  11.5mb to be exact. According to Apple iOS 6.1.4 adds some sort of speakerphone enhancement.  Unfortunately, I’m not an iPhone user so I can’t attest to...


Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Hand USB Flash Drive

Info Think’s Iron Man 3 Hand USB Flash Drive is just the companion that Marvel Iron Man fans need to hold all their top secret info on (or school/work info). The 16GB flash drive looks like Iron Man’s infamous robotic hand with the USB stick at the bottom of the...


MadCatz R.A.T.m GameSmart Mouse Review


I think most would agree, when it comes to rodents, the cute fluffy kind are much preferred than the bit fat wiry wiskered grey kind. Such is what gaming peripheral purveyor Madcatz has newly forged. The MadCatz R.A.T.m mouse is built from a mold nearly identical to the one used...

Teens and Mobile Phones 1

Interesting Infographic on Teens and Mobile Phones

Cell phones (or really smartphones) are practically a necessity in today’s culture and parents have their work cut out for them if they have a teenager at home that’s always on their  cell. Teens are vulnerable and can easily develop dangerous cell phone habits or even get caught up in...

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