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Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. HTC One (comparison)


It’s comparison time, folks. But this one is far from predictable. If you thought our last comparison was a heated contest, then you should prepare for a scorcher in this grueling battle. Just a couple weeks back we pit the sleeping giant iPhone 5 against the new HTC One hottie. The...


Under Armour Creates A Bra For Your Feet


Under Armour’s senior creative director of footwear, Dave Dombrow, says the company is “changing the way that footwear is being manufactured and will be releasing a shoe unlike we’ve ever seen with their SpeedForm that’s supposed to act like a bra for your feet. The new model (that’s supposed to...

Coke Sharing Can

CocaCola Sharing Can Makes Splitting Easy, Germ Free


Coca-Cola is no stranger to viral marketing.  Recently they teamed up with Ogilvy in Singapore and France to create what is a shareable can of Coke. Yes, a can of Coke, or a drink by its very nature is shareable.  That is if you’re will to exchange germs with your co-drinker....

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Apple Just Issued a New iPod Touch, Told No One


Generally speaking, Apple puts on a “song and dance” when it comes to product announcements.  But every once and a while they sneak a new one in under the radar. Last night, or yesterday at some point, Apple quietly launched a new iPod Touch.  Don’t get too excited, though, as...

$80 HTC One

How To Get an HTC One for $80


HTC’s One smartphone is coming to the Google Play store free of bloatware.  However, it will set you back a cool $599, off contract of course.  It’s a hefty premium to pay, especially since you can get the handset from every carrier for $200.  Sure, you’ll have to sign a...

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.55.28 AM

Video of the Day: Call the Police, Baby (video)


I’ve seen all sorts of things in my lifetime, but none compare to this video which depicts a man riding on the hood of a pickup truck presumably in a place where they use words like “fixin” and the always cliché “yehaw”.  Nevertheless, the man doesn’t appear to be riding...

BioShock Infinite Pre-Order Comparison

Steam Activated BioShock Infinite Price Slashed to $35


Today GameFly launched their “Digital Summer Sale” with discounts up to 66% off select PC download games. This is perhaps a move to generate some sales before the highly anticipated Steam’s Summer sale (which will launch who knows when) but no doubt there are some solid PC download deals to...

Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Stations

Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Stations


Tesla has announced that it plans to triple the number of supercharger stations it currently has to expand all the way from Los Angeles to New York. Drivers will now have convenient locations across the nation to charges their Tesla rides. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the expansion will...