Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has purchased 100 Tesla Model S cars for his Downtown Project in Las Vegas, which is said to be a “complete transportation system” for getting around without having to own a vehicle.

So far, it’s the biggest single Tesla purchase, and Project 100 will also include more than 100 shared bikes, 100 shared cars, and 100 shared bus stops, all for one monthly fee. Not many details on Project 100 have been released so far, but it will launch in an  invite-only beta over the next few months and pricing has yet to be disclosed. It’s estimated that the  subscription fee will be less than $400 per month, which should represent an average car payment plus insurance.

Beta testers will be able to arrange travel through a smartphone app. The FAQ section of the Project 100 site states that using the app is simple; just enter the zone you want to travel to, where upon the user is presented with various options that include a party bus, getting picked up in a Tesla or driving yourself. In addition to the fleet of Tesla S vehicles, Project 100 will also be investing in smaller, lower-powered electric vehicles as well.

Kristie Bertucci

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