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My thumb has been every shade in the spectrum except an efficient and effective verdant green. I’m no gardener. I don’t have the knack–that preternatural connection with greenery is lost on my thumbs. I tried to grow marijuana in college once. But never inhaled. Somehow I got mushroom and poison inedible “shrooms” at that. To add insult to injury, a friend’s dog ate the little things. Several hours later the call of nature struck. A week after that a bright green little “medicinal” leaf sprung up in the very spot where the pooch made his outside…ahem, emission. Yep, a weed whacker has a greener thumb than this journalist.

But even I could enjoy Woollypocket’s new Living Wall Planter. It uses a sturdy modular design and vented shell with a self-watering tank. The result is easy, more autonomous healthy plant growth that promotes air-pruning and eliminates the need for extra drainage.  I think this could help me with my continual “faunacide”. Plus as the video illustrates, setup is super easy. Attach the tank and planter and then hang it. All the needed hardware is included and the fasteners work on masonry, drywall, Sheetrock, wood, metal walls and other surfaces. You can replant the planters indoors or out without disturbing other faun, tanks or irrigation lines.

The Woollypocket Living Wall Planter is available at Amazon for $26.99

Shawn Sanders

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