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It’s official. Ubisoft has just revealed that Watch Dogs will be available this year. It’s set to launch on November 22 of this Fall season. Players on PC, Playstation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 will get their chance to exact some heated vengeance using seemingly godlike command over an entire city’s all-encompassing surveillance systems and utilities. Also available for Playstation 4 when it launches.

The news comes packaged with pre-order details and incentives, plus we get another gameplay trailer of Pierce kicking butt using guns and his ability to swing the city’s automated systems in his favor. His ability to hack traffic systems, camera arrays and pull down bank records on anyone, like you or I might pull a file from the cloud, is useful and powerful stuff. All of this goes down in a sandbox-style open world game environment with both single and multiplayer game modes.

So what do you get if you pre-order Ubisoft in-bound vendetta simulator? Well first, there are 4-different editions to choose from Dedsec_Edition (UK), Vigilante_Edition (GAME and GameStop), uPlay Exclusive Edition (uPlay website) and the Special_Edition (UK). The bonuses range from extra single player missions and unlocked vehicles to drive to a figurine of the protagonist, augmented reality meta goodies, city-wide map, extra weapons and more.

For a detailed list of all the included goodies. Check out the extended post over at CVG.

Watch Dogs pre-orders

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