The footwear of the future is here. Under Armour introduces the Men’s UA FTHR Shield TRC Storm Running Shoes with CompFit ankle support, providing you extra stability while the competition eats your dust. The CompFit is said to allow for quicker direction changes and virtually turning on a dime. This is something off-road runners will appreciate. We can’t all get it done barefoot like the legendary preternatural superathletes of the Tarahumara tribe in northwestern Mexico–known for their distance running across jagged mountainous terrain.

The new use Under Armor Storm technology for enhanced water resistance on the exterior. Underneath the company gone for their Micro G cushioning which is supposed to be sufficiently springy so impacts to the ground are soft but “explosive” for adding bounce to your takeoffs. The tread grips underneath are mountain bike-inspired micro-lugs. Other notable features to benefit your lightfoot kung fu are HeatGear fabric fight against sweat, a spring plate in the midsole for heel-strike energy transference and molded 4D foam to conform to your foot’s unique contours.

The Men’s UA FTHR Shield TRC Storm Running Shoes are available now from the UA website for $119.99.

Shawn Sanders

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