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How’s your Norse mythology? That good, huh? Then it’s time for a refresher course. This fall season brings cooler weather and another Marvel blockbuster, ironically starring Thor the god of Thunder. This time out, the brawny blonde is going up against Malekith, the ruler of Svartalfeim. This is one of two “between” worlds on Yggdrasil the World Tree. There are 9-realms total. Midgard is where we dwell, the home of the humans. Asgard restd at the top of the world tree and Svartalfeim, where the dark elves and dwarves roam, lies just below Midgard.

Thor’s new Dark Elf nemesis was always depicted as a true badass in the comics. He’s a firs-rate sorcerer who’s abilities were further boosted by Hela the Asgardian goddess of death. He’s also head of the Dark Elves and afforded all the abilities and attributes that come with such powerful beings. So yeah he’s strong, with intelligence well beyond that of your average human. Speed, and reflexes are also formidable enough to give mighty Thor pause. But again his go-to abilities are his immense skill in the arcane arts and the hordes of Dark Elves at his command.

It will be interesting to see Malekith is portrayed. His stories are some of the classics from the Thor comics and Journey into Mystery. Thor Dark World premieres this Fall 2013.

Shawn Sanders

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