Thanks to handbags, ladies can look stylish while also toting their smartphones, wallets, iPods and even small pets. But what is a gentleman to do, especially when jet-setting? Designer jeans only have so many pockets – and today’s trendy cardigans are often completely without!

Enter the SeV Tropiformer Travel Jacket/Vest, a jacket that holds so much stuff, it’s like wearing a carry-on. It combines a TROPIcal weight fabric and magnetically-attached TransFORMER Sleeves to create the Tropiformer Jacket – and here’s the best news: it features 22 different pockets, all placed strategically to help you feel comfortable. Gadget lovers can carry everything with them without looking like hot-mess tourists!

The versatile SeV Tropiformer Travel Jacket/Vest features removable sleeves, which are held in place by tech friendly magnets so you can easily switch from jacket to vest and back again when you’re traveling to a new climate. Even better, the jacket is made of comfortable, breathable, lightweight, water-resistant material.

Pockets include an iPad Pocket, Quick Draw Pocket (that you can operate your touchscreen through), Locking Pocket for valuables, Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for headphone wire and power management and a slew of other bulge-free pockets.

The $150 Tropiformer, which even features a “pocket map” so you don’t get lost in its compartments, can also be packed into itself without wrinkling. It’s available in green, red, pewter, cement and blue, in sizes Small to XX-Large.

Travel on, gadget-fiends. ScotteVest has seriously thought of everything (except maybe the dog pocket).

Amanda Pendolino

Amanda has been writing for several entertainment, tech, shopping and business websites since 2009. A resident of Los Angeles, she also works as a screenwriter, script reader and tutor. She's obsessed with film and TV, and is not afraid to admit that her Samsung Galaxy SIII is her most prized possession.