Here’s a new reason to hate rich kids: architectural playhouses from SmartPlayHouse.

Starting at $5,000, these fancy yet minimalist backyard playhouses “are authentic pieces of design work inspired by contemporary architecture,” according to the company’s website. They’re “a modern and comfortable space that provides the children with their own private and safe place to play, developing their creativity and ability to share.”

SmartPlayHouse offers a few different outdoor playhouse designs, with many of them available in multiple sizes:

The Illinois House, a smaller version of the famed Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, is a large model with eight large windows to let your kids enjoy your backyard’s sunlight and scenery.

The Kyoto House, a futuristic house with geometric cutout windows, features interesting indoor shadows and is inspired by the Japanese avant-garde architecture.

The Hobikken House, SmartPlayHouse’s most rustic outdoor playhouse, is a cottage-like structure with a wooden exterior that’s resistant to inclement weather conditions.

The Casaforum House, coated with a steel sheet perforated with shapes similar to the leaves on trees, is designed to be a chameleon that blends in with your landscaping.

If these outdoor playhouses don’t quite fit with your tastes, you can personalize your house with accessories, different floors and a wide range of colors. Sounds good to me – as long as I can add a “no boys allowed” sign!

Amanda Pendolino

Amanda has been writing for several entertainment, tech, shopping and business websites since 2009. A resident of Los Angeles, she also works as a screenwriter, script reader and tutor. She's obsessed with film and TV, and is not afraid to admit that her Samsung Galaxy SIII is her most prized possession.