Is the invisible laptop inbound? You might think so with the current trajectory of laptop form factors. No matter how fat they get with new tech and features, the darn things continue to shrink in waist size. Samsung Series Ultrabooks have been some of the slimmest we’ve seen. But Ultrabooks are not the only style of mobile computing to trim some inches around the middle. The Sony VAIO S Series 15 we reviewed a couple months back is a full-featured laptop that just happens to be super thin and light.

Yet it has nothing on the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon, which was shown off in Taiwan. The Taiwanese computer maker has constructed a 10.7mm thin form factor that is relatively feather-light  at 1.9 pound. Is this the thinnest and lightest laptop in the game? The creators of the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon, definitely think so. In truth, it is thinner than both the LaVie Z and the LaVie X–former champions of the thin-is-in crowd.

The Inhon Blade 13 Carbon is still a formidable computing option. Inhon has packed in an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, display that supports 1080p, a smallish but speedy 128gb or 256gb SSD with 4GB of RAM all for modest price of $1350. If that’s too rich for your blood, Inhon is offering a slightly thicker (12.6mm) lower res (1600 x 900) version for about $1000. This will hit Native Taiwan in June but no word on a release for us Yanks.

Shawn Sanders

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