Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

I mentioned something earlier this week about the tireless undaunted Samsung. Indeed, the company doesn’t rest. Here we are with yet another device announcement. The folks at Tweaktown spotted this one. So looks like the company is gearing up for the release of their Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, the successor the Tab 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 features a slight spec bump. The processor used is clocked at 1.2, just a bit over the 1.0ghz version on the Tab 2. The memory capacity has been doubled from 8gb to 16gb of internal flash memory. The Galaxy Tab 3 will also sport eyes on the front and back with front and rear-facing cameras. I’m expecting a price point that is downright irresistible for coin-conscious consumers. No I don’t have precognitive abilities. But that paltry screen resolution tells a tale of entry level market focus. It’s a nice sizable 7-inches but the resolution is only capable of 1024 x 600. As Tweaktown points out, that’s surpassed by the Nexus 7.

While we don’t know pricing, we do know The WiFi version should be available in May with the 3G model soon to follow in June.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3_2

Shawn Sanders

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