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If you’ve got something nasty lurking in your freezer, your ice cubes might retain the odor.  Ploop them into a glass of 12 year scotch and suddenly that $55 bottle will taste like yesterday’s hangover.  So you could A) either clean out your freezer or B) invest in a set of Pucs.

Pucs are, as the Kickstarter page states, rechargeable ice.  They sent me a sample of two to test out and while they were supposed to be here a few days ago, they only arrived last night.  So suffice to say my experience and time with them is fairly limited.  But nevertheless, they’re not a complicated product and not one with a myriad of features.

Upon arrival of the Pucs I gave them a quick wash and placed them along with their wooden carrying case, into the freezer.  The box would benefit from a magnetic closure of some sort of latch to ensure they don’t spill out when removing them from the freezer.  After all, the Pucs are likely to be used while imbibing in alcohol, an activity which often impairs one’s motor skills.

After chilling the Pucs for about 5 hours I placed them in about 8oz of room temperature water.  Within a few seconds the water’s temperature had dropped slightly, but was far from ice-cube equivalent in terms of impact.  Now, it’s important to note that the retail version of the Pucs will come in a set of 6, so it stands to reason that I used too much liquid in this instance.  Back in the freezer and 8 hours later and I tried again, but this time in about 2.5oz of water.  Yes, the Pucs proved more effective, but again, not nearly as powerful as ice, or more specifically two ice cubes.  Not looking good.

The Pucs are machined from solid 304 stainless steel, which means they won’t absorb smells or flavors from your freezer and pass them onto your beverage of choice.  However, because of this, they’re heavy, very heavy comparatively speaking to ice cubes.  So unlike ice, which you can just casually drop without care into a glass, you’ll need to gingerly add the Pucs to your drinking glass.

To do this, I placed the glass on its side, with no liquid yet poured, and added them one at a time and then slowly rotated the glass upright to mitigate any chance that I might cause a crack.  It’s a slightly cumbersome process and not one I’d like to engage in, especially when under the influence of alcohol.

So, the Pucs are certainly an interesting idea, but not an innovative or no one.  And by their very nature, or I should say material, they’re holy impractical.  They’re heavy, too heavy for most glasses, don’t chill drinks nearly as efficiently as ice cubes, and are impractical since you’ll need a large amount of them to achieve the ideal sipping temperature for most drinks.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of 6 Pucs, head over to the Kickstarter page and throw down a pledge.

I should note that the Pucs are very well made and by most accounts are beautifully crafted.  They’d without a doubt make a novel gift for any whiskey drinker.  Just remember, scotch drinkers prefer an ice-cube because the added water “opens” up its flavor.

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