Have you made plans for summer vacation yet?  We’re going to give you some tips to come back in a few months with real snaps of your secret superhero alter ego. So get prepared, you have three months to plan. You know that Superheros really exist right? They’re just ordinary people like you an’ me in their daily lives, and then somewhere else where nobody knows, they mostly come out at night.

Thanks to our Google Plus stream we’ve managed to locate a growing trend for a new extreme sport: Flyboarding. Now extreme sports usually entail the prerequisite that you already are a superhero, or just plain nuts. Flyboarding is something that anybody (and you have to be a bit judicious with the term anybody) can literally have a go at. We won’t vouch that you can actually be any good of course. Follow our tips to get prepared this Summer to secretly turn yourself into a superhero… or at least enjoy the opportunity to crash from the sky.

Flyboarding – The New Extreme Sport?

From Vizual Edge

Just when you think extreme sports cannot get any crazier or more exciting along comes another one – This one however does not involve falling from extreme heights or flying around in special suits…

Numerous locations are now popping up giving the opportunity to strap yourself to a water thruster and propel yourself X-men Ice-Man style. My personal bit of advice? Make sure you give your one-shot new hobby of flyin’ around the best opportunity and get some practice in. Hmmm… not sure how but here’s an idea to get you used to your center of gravity.

How about… JOIN THE CIRCUS. Well ok I know that’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea, hanging around with other freaks y’know especially great big hairy ones who are a tonne stronger than you. So here was my attempt: I tried a bunch of trampolining, tumbling, rings, and suspension balancing etc., but none came as close to the amount of fun and strange coordination tactics as…

Roué Cyr – Made by Filchyboy

From www.etsy.com

Hand made custom built Roue Cyr, aka Single, Simple, or Mono Wheels, available for purchase. Best price on the net! Perfect for Cirque or Exercise!

Juliana Payson‘s insight:

The Roué Cyr is not a complex piece of exercise equipment. You too could learn to gracefully work with one, and maybe become a trendy sideshow performer. My attempt was not so graceful, I felt like an astronaut in training being spun around. It was a far cry from becoming a spinning fireball comic character. Here’s my attempt at playing with one of X-men Magneto’s toys:

Ohh My Gawwwd You’re Taking All My Energy Magneto! – Agghh!

Trust me, despite the spinning image making you nauseous I found this strange simple toy one of the most comprehensive workouts – that actually looks cool. I think after a couple more goes at that I’ll be ready to take on Flyboarding! Forget just hovering around gimme the 360! Obviously I do not come with a certificate of safety to issue any endorsements of what I do. So don’t sue me for scatting up your style if you happen to mush your own extremities in the process of training.

One can not be a superhero without a sidekick to advocate your own adventures. Chances are you will likely be a very lonely superhero to start with, so I found the perfect partner to divvy up your hands with. It’s called a Life-Phorm, by Lethal Protection. I’m getting one right as we speak…

Life-Phorm: A creepy stand for phones, tablets, and cameras

From www.digitaltrends.com

The $70 Life-Phorm looks like an alien robot invader, but is actually a versatile stand for cameras, phone, tablets, and more.

Yup I’m buying one, why? Well as Bradford points out – this thing looks like it will sneak up and kill you in your sleep. So, it’s just what a lonely superhero needs right? Lethal Protection to give any round of arch nemesis some arachnophobia. I think Life-Phorm is going to be my ultimate hands-free iPhone accessory to keep documenting my adventures.

Right, you have three months to come back with snaps of coming out with your superhero antics. I’ll update this post with readers who respond on Google Plus.

Juliana Payson