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Hide the kiddies, for I have a story of gross nefarious molestation. I’m just as big a fan of do-it-yourself hotrods as the next red-blooded American raised on 80′s car chases and their inevitable explosions. But this is just unheard of… Poor poor Fiat Cinquento. How could they?!

Someone has ripped a 6.2 liter monstrous V12 engine ¬†from the Italian Lamborghini Murcielago and beat it into submission until it fit snuggly and functionally into a tiny classic Fiat 500, it’s older and less sophisticated Italian kinsman. The evil act was conducted by Oemmedia Mechanics. The car strutted its stuff at the 2012 Bologna Motor Show.

The speed of this 4-wheeled Frankenstein is a closely guarded secret. But we were able to discover it’s packing a devilish 580hp under the hood. That’s a lot of Clydesdales! Not to mention the car only weighs 1,100lbs.

Check out the top video for some insight into the evil genius behind this creation. Talk about “rags to riches”. Plus the music is so apt. The car is definitely a “different breed”. And yes sir, I will blame is monstrosity on your “A.D.D.”. This is so far beyond a little chocolate in your peanut butter.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouIM71EpIcA&w=600&h=350]

Shawn Sanders

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