Move over, Michael Bays Spielbergs and Raimis! Movie magic just got a lot more accessible, at least from an in-practice point of view. Meet the MōVI MR Gimbal from Freefly. They make camera equipment and stabilizers. Yet the MōVI is something wildly unique. It stabilizes the traditional soul-stealer without the burden of heavy weights and bulky vests and harnesses. The MōVI uses a custom-made gimbal and a 3-axis gyroscope. The system digitally stabilizes some of the most sophisticated cameras.  It looks super light, which will make steady, blur-free image capturing that much easier. Purchasing this bit of tech for your own home movies will be decidedly more difficult. The MōVI is priced at 15-large ($15,000). So it’s far from consumer-friendly at this point.

Still, its exciting to see such a device for the continued “awesome” that creative cinematography brings to film making. Movies like the Matrix, Inception, 300 and even TV shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones and many dozens more have made use of clever angles, pans and such. The MōVI will make similar cinematography much easier for film makers. Creators can even control an attached camera’s movements remotely with a joystick controller.

Check out some of the other super smooth short films using the MōVI MR Gimbal.

Shawn Sanders

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