Remember IllumiRoom? This was a proof of concept showcase from CES at the beginning of the year. It’s Microsoft’s new tech for their next Xbox that can blanket the walls of a room with a given game image as if the walls were projector screens. Yes it’s a bit of augmented reality that can organically expand your field of view and more. What was shown was impressive. It not only throws your game image up on your walls but it could also enhance the experience by showing only the background image on the walls in a room, while the main centered image focused on the action which is usually positioned in the middle of a given display. More is scheduled to be revealed at the CHI 2013 event, which begins this week.

The tech used is pretty slick. Microsoft is using a commodity wide-field of view projector with Microsoft Kinect sensor strapped to it. This is how the visuals are thrown up your walls which hopefully, are not overpupulated with boy band CD covers. If not then the resulting experience from IllumiRoom could be a very original one. But even if your room and walls are overgrown with geek love, don’t worry. The IllumiRoom is prepared by “capturing the appearance and geometry of the surrounding room (furniture, carpet, wallpaper etc.)” It uses this intel to recreated a low resolution interactive experience that compliments the high resolution gaming displayed on your television.

Learn more about IllumiRoomm firsthand here.

Shawn Sanders

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