Sony has drawn the proverbial line in the sand having announced their next Playstaion 4, which should hit homes as early as this year. Not to be out done by Hirai Kazuo and Cam-Sony, Microsoft was set to make a similar announcement later this month on April 24th. Things have since changed. The Verge is reporting, the house that Windows built has decided to push back the expected announcement by a full month. Now we’re looking at May 21st and the information sleuths at the Verge are confident this is an accurate rescheduling.

It’s all but confirmed that said event will reveal, at least in part, the details steeped in mystery surrounding the next Xbox console system, codename: Durango. I can’t help but wonder if the move to push things out has anything to do with the Microsoft recent bout with “Always-on Gate”. Just last week Microsoft’s keister was held tenaciously to the fire over comments about Durango requiring a constant internet connection. Of course this is one of the more undesirable features of modern gaming so the announcement left many shocked. Creative Director Adam Orth virtually spat hot fish grease on the fire with his retort of “Deal with it!”, which left Microsfot with egg on its billion dollar face as it issued a formal apology.

While May 21st is sure to reveal some, all will not be known until the more poignant E3 showing in early parts of June. So stay tuned!

Shawn Sanders

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