At a quick glance I thought this was Han Solo’s actual movie gun replica built to spec.  But with a closer look (of the close ups) it’s pretty evident that it’s a LEGO build.  But what a sick build it is, and one that will surely echo through the Web this week (I already submitted it to Reddit /Starwars).

The custom build was created by Team Jigsaw, who is also known as CaptainInfinity on Flickr.  He, or they said:

I have been meaning to build one of these for a while, and category 19 was the perfect chance to do so! I focused especially on fitting as many details as I can on it, and getting the overall shape as accurate as possible. I based this model of the most iconic version of his gun, as I know there are many other versions. I did have to make a Bricklink order to make this as accurate as possible.

Needless to say the detail is pretty uncanny, as is the craftsmanship.  It begs the question of why LEGO hasn’t issued such a build, since it would likely sell like crazy.  For additional images head over to the associated Flickr page.

Christen Costa

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