Apple needs a new game changer.  Their stock has taken a nose dive, and their biggest product, the iPhone, has reached a fair bit of market saturation.  Which probably best explains the iPad Mini.  It’s an alternative to the iPad, and presents the potential for incremental sales, unlike the iPhone which simply replaces the previous model handset.

So it stands to reason that Apple would release a cheaper version of the iPhone, right?  It would allow them to tap into a new market of consumers that are averse to the hefty starter price of $200 (unless you opt for T-Mobile and that’s not cheap in the traditional sense).  They’d also be able to repurpose tech from the last generation handset and reduce development and production costs.  In theory a cheaper iPhone 5 could offer wider margins that in turn could boost the company’s stock price.

So is this an actual pic of the next iPhone’s casing?  The casing was leaked by a company called Tactus.  Tactus makes iPhone cases, so there is a strong likelihood it’s marketing spin on their behalf.  Pictures show that it’s made of some sort of plastic, a throw back to the iPhone 3 and 3Gs.  The shell measures 0.4-0.6mm thick – derive what you’d like from that – but with a new plastic shell Apple could offer a wide variety of colors furthering sales potential to a new target demo, and something we’ve seen them do in the past with their line of portable music players.

| Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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