The HTC One is here! I have the sexy little bugger in my greedy and not-so-little hands (thanks, Sprint). Let’s get right to it with this one, shall we. I know you’re all eager to hear the official GR findings. However that tech heavy tedium will have to wait. The full review is still underway. This is all about the undressing of this sultry smartphone.

The design is all that you’ve heard. It’s immaculate–one of, if not the, most handsome I’ve seen. While Samsung is getting smacked around for their use of plastics (and that’s about it), HTC has opted for definitively more attractive materials. Mirror-like Chrome bands outline the front and back for an elegant and decidedly more distinguished allure. Even the visible speakers and mic are attractive additions.

The Unit ships with an assortment of the usual literature you might expect–manual, factory warranty, stickers etc. HTC has also thrown in a plastic sleeve with embedded return label. This is so you may recycle your old phone and battery sans any hassle. Well that’s awfully Green of them. Included accessories are pretty standard fare. We have USB charging cable, AC adapter and a set of earbud headphones. That latter bit reminds me of a pair of A-Jays with the flat tangle-free cord.

I’ve literally just turned the thing on and have not fully set it up or tested some of the newer functions such as HTC Zoe, NFC integration, BoomSound and Beats Audio or the wireless media streaming. But I did setup the Blink Feed–somewhat. Right now the homescreen is populated with tiles that feed me intel in real-time on my incoming tweets from Twitter, new headlines from Associated Press and social updates from LinkedIn. It makes for sharp looking home screen, albeit a bit busy.


Shawn Sanders

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