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With great power comes great responsibility. You know the saying. It’s what Ben Parker told his pre-arachnid-themed nephew, Peter before he passed. It’s true and here’s a great example. The Hoo Whistle Castle is a new super sleek iPhone case that does double time as a fully functioning traditional whistle. This is something my daughter would love and that my wife and I would loathe in her hands. The Whistle Case would bestow great power on my wee 9yr old who would be massively ill-equipped to resist abusing such musical abilities. And I thought her Ferbie was annoying.

Joking aside, the Whistle Case could actually be a really cool little safety device. The copy written on the product page is clearly the work of promising ESL student. But we get the gist. It suggests that a whistle isĀ  easiest and simplest way to alert someone of your need for assistance.

The Hoo Whistle Case is actually a cool looking protective case for your iPhone 5. It’s very slim with access to all an iPhone’s vital functions, just as you would expect from a garden variety protective case. Plus it comes in 3 stylish colors.

Shawn Sanders

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