Oh boy! I’m so, there. Rockstar’s next outing with Grand Theft Auto 5 is looking suh-weeet! To be honest the game looks to marry several previous installments into a single open world experience. You see tropes from the previous game running on an enhanced version of the engine used to power the gorgeous Max Payne 3. This new trailer just released, is actually a 3-in-1 deal. You can watch them in any order or just the thing play and enjoy.

This one focuses more on the story than the auto-thieving and head bashing. We see three of the playable characters doing what they seemingly do best. Michael is a man of opulence and priviledge. He has it all, including and unsettling thirst to obtain more. Franklin is about that life as some of the modern-day hoods call it. So expect his bits to centered on snore-worthy gangbanging and other stereotypes of an inner city kid’s misspent youth. Trevor is the one who has my interest. He’s an old coot who’s crazier than squirrel shit, by the looks of things in this trailer. He’s got a devilishly foul mouth matched with a penchant for rampant mayhem.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available for Playstation 3 and Xbox on September. The PC Windows version is sure to follow some months after.

Shawn Sanders

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